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Why Choose Us?

Our products are formulated with International standards and are highly result oriented. Made with premium ingredients we use natural flavours and out products contain zero added suger

We love what we do

We provide best international  standard quality products with affordable price.

Our Story

We are a team of enthusiastic people driven with a passion for making health supplements, protein powders, mass gainers and peanut butters. We are driven by our vision to make the nation healthy as we try to abide on this mission with every step in this journey. That includes our customer experience as well - After all it is not only about you, but about your family too! India needs to get healthy for the sake of humanity and even though we are starting small, our dreams are big.

Our vision is to make India healthy. We believe in providing best global standard quality products at reasonable and justifying prices. We believe whole-heartedly that fitness and nutrition are crucial for a healthy life. Our team strives to provide the best international standard of quality, service and experience for our customers. That’s why we welcome all professional athletes, bodybuilders, and gym enthusiasts to contact us before they buy their next protein shake! Our team provides not only Protein shakes and nut butters but also mass gainer powders like hydrolyzed whey protein, muscle milk, casein protein, and more!

We are amongst India’s most trusted health supplement brands, with a mission to make nutrition more reliable and effective. With industry-first step in the various directions such as ensure scan validity, layers of authenticity, protein test certificates, scientifically researched products, and more, PMS has rapidly risen to become the consumer's favorite brand.
We're based on getting you fitter and healthier using our experts comprehensive analysis and experience of the ever-changing market. So make health a priority today and let us handle the rest! We at PMS are driven by the desire to exceed your expectations, we have gathered the complete range of sports & bodybuilding supplements in one place.
PMS offers the range of products that have been created with the path-breaking formulation with unmatched quality of ingredients.  Our commitment to provide research-backed products helps us in our aim to become India’s most trusted sports nutrition brand that gives you Global grade quality supplements and 100% safety assurance at an affordable price.